2 of the madBastards
is a band titled "kevin quain and the mad bastards"
I saw them play at the cameron house on queen st. toronto canada
 march 2001- my son jordan plays bass
these are my prepatory sketches for a painting 
 Keith O'Connor 
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march  2001 
 I had no sketch pad with me so my wife gave me a piece of scrap paper which I used for my on site notes (sketches) - shown below . You will notice that I don't need much in the way of site notes because I filter my visual ideas more through my feelings than through scientific type of observations.
my on-site sketches 8"x11"
my on-site sketches 8"x11"
workup sketch singer 5"x8"
From my site notes above I work up my ideas. You will note that I use very general site notes - just enough to jog my memory. I then let my mind translate my memories of feelings through invented forms textures and colours. 
second sketch singer 3"x5"
 colour pencil 5"x8"
Searching for an overall shape to express the figure. I am thinking of adding a top hat in one of the hands.
first full workup 8.5x11"
This first workup includes many of the ideas to date. I could see 4 of the 5 musicians but for compositional purposes I reduced them to three. The figures in the first full workup sketch below are just place holders for the final figures which at this stage are not yet completely designed. 
Please note that 
 I am still working on the painting and these images represent 
my notes to date.  (keith)