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.This is the second "got to pee" adventure poem that I have written. Seems that my exciting life will be defined by what happens to me in mens washrooms.

got to pee 
Mc Donalds 
on the market 
across from the Art School 
I'll go there 
have a pee 
and get a hamburg 
still make it to Art class on time 

the market at night 
upscale trendy restaurants 
boutiques - tourists - hookers  
drunks - drifters - bums 
wonder what I'll meet 
in the mens 

don't care 
need to pee 

the bus 
I make my lighting 
move into the isle 
off I get 
light's still green 
run for it 
into and through the Rideau Center 
twists and turns 
always afraid I'll get lost again 
I see the sign 
"over-pass to the Bay" 
hurrying pushing past 
shoppers - excuse me 
push - excuse me 
getting dirty looks 
got into the Bay 
down the first escalator 
two floors down to main 
head for the rear door 
out the door turn right 
through Mc Donald's door 
down the stairs 
I see the mens icon 
push through the door 
two  hanging wall  urinals 
one urinal occupied by a large 
tough looking man 
empty urinal 
made for a child 
hangs down near my ankles 
time for precision peeing 
don't want to pee 
all over my feet 
don't want to spray 
my legs 
feeling better already 
time to look around 
the big man beside me 
steps back 
pulls in his stomach 
puffing his chest up like a balloon 
zips up 
lets go of his stomach 
his chest slips back down 
he turns and leaves 

suddenly... sounds 
of moaning deep coughing 
banging and groaning 
radiate from the corner cubical 
my imagination goes into action 

the sounds 
the noise 
the movement 
hidden from my view 
by the cubical wall 
reminded me of the movie 
American weir wolf in London 
I  imagine this hairy wolf man 
suddenly standing 
in front of me 

the other voice in my head 
the germ-a-phoebe voice 
he's sick 
filled with germs on the inside 
covered with germs on the outside 

I'd better get out of here 
don't want him 
breathing on me 
maybe falling on me 
touching me 

hurry - hurry 
got to finish peeing 
ahhh finished 
stomach in 
chest out 
zip up 
stomach out 
chest down 
he's sill making those 
disgusting noises 
got time to wash my hands 
tap stuck 
other tap works 
quickly - quickly 
the hand dryer doesn't work 
can dry my hands in my pockets 
try the other dryer 
it works 
quickly - quickly 
he's coming out 
hands - they're dry enough 
out the door 
safe at last 

Keith O'Connor 
2001 Dec 7 
Ottawa Canada 

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