duchamp's urinal
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keith  o'connor
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duchamp's urinal

it's not art
that urinal by duchamp

that hangs upon the gallery wall
it's not art
it's not art

look over there
on your left
see that icon of the christ
the one with crystal tears
mixed with ruby blood
flowing from golden thorns
across his brow
with eyes that look towards heaven
eyes so real
thorns so real
blood so real
the artist must have loved him so
to make such an
icon of the christ

look over there
on your right
that urinal upon the wall
by duchamp
they call it art
they're communists all
and gays
and lesbians

how dare they
insult the only true art
our icon of the christ

the icon of the christ speaks
can you hear
the icon of the christ is speaking
can you hear
the icon speaks
kill the free thinkers
smash their urinal

the icon
it speaks again
it says
obey me
the icon's chosen priest
your priest
god will forgive your sins
only if you kill
kill those urinal worshippers
remember god loves you
god died for your sins
kill for god
kill the free thinkers
destroy for god
destroy their icon
their false god urinal

Keith O'Connor 
2005   Jan   16 
Ottawa Canada 

let's explore aspects of the two works

faces: by  keith o'connor
correggio duchamp

try to remove emotion from your thinking - it is difficult probably impossible but lets try.

artistic considerations:
overal compositional shape - duchamp has in my opinion selected the more interesting shape

compositional distribution of darks and light areas- correggio uses a greater variety of dark and light shapes

compositional use of form - both show form - we are comparing two flat images.

compositional use of flowing line - duchamp has selected a flowing shape remenicent of botticelli's flowing line.

summary: both images display traditional artistic criteria therefore both qualify as containing artistic atributes.

which one is and which one is not art is decided on the basis of pure emotion and traditionally emotion is not an artistic but a psychological attribute - therefor both images fall within the catagory of art.


poem inspiration

this poem was inspired through a posting discussion between a poster named: Thur another named: Terry - and myself.

the discussion centered upon modern art and the possible reasons for the tremendous hostility towards modern art.

poetry has much more emotive strength than reason and in this poem i explore power seeking manipulators using modern art as a means of instilling fear of non obedience into the irrational hearts of religious believers to further their own agenda.

i only explore only one negative force acting on modern art - society is complex and there are many agendas other than the religous agenda, political, economic, cultural etc.

in this poem duchamp's fountain symbolizes the non obedience freedom of independent thinking which challenges the culture of blind obedience to the judo-christian ethic. free thinkers in effect challenge all idea systems not just the judo-christian ethic and thus incur wrath from supporters of all obedience based systems.

the artist sub-culture is more prone to free thinking than any other culture within society - this does not mean that all artists are free thinkers - it means that you will have an easier time finding free thinkers within the artistic community than other communities.

the down side is that aspiring dictators will attack the artistic community in order to destroy the free thinkers.


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