the  artist 
and the psychologist 
a poem by  
  keith  o'connor
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.Many artists believe that their art derives from  
 internal conflicts resulting from being on the outside edge of society and are concerned when psychologists state that their role is to cure them by reintegrating them back into society
.The Artist 
and the  

I don't belong to society 
but I want to belong to society 
said the artist 
I must fix the broken you 
said the psychologist 
I am not broken 
said the artist 
You are depressed 
said the psychologist 
I want to experience depression 
said the artist 
tomorrow is my happy day 
and the next day  
is my sorrowful day 
when I cry for my lost love 
said the artist 
you are sick said the psychologist 
said the artist 
I am only 


Keith O'Connor 
July 2001 
Ottawa Canada 

Many thanks to my wife Shaon O'Connor for being  my patient editor.
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