Bingham Square
a poem by  
  keith  o'connor
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Vile politicians both English and French under the guise of fair play take from one group and give to another. 
Bingham Square 

in FrancophoneQuebec 
 they say 
old English street names 
bloom into 
new French street names 
but in 
Francophone and Anglophone 
 Eastern Ontario 
old English street names 
bloom into 
new French street names 
we city fathers and mothers 
will show the voters 
what we have done 
to make their neighborhood 
we'll call in the press 
to take our pictures 
as we cut the ribbon 
that changes 
one hundred year old Water St 
to Bruyere St 
after that famous 
French Catholic nun 
who has just been sainted 
"more francophonie votes" 
so the 
city fathers and mothers 
both English and French 
turned their attention to  
Bingham Square 
it's too "English" they say 
let's make it a name that reflects 
the new local population 
but not to harvest the francophonie vote 
we are not that vile 
 said the Bingham family 
it's in the land grant 
change the Bingham name 
and we get our land back 
city fathers and mothers 
some English some French 
no one knows Mr. Bingham 
they say 
we need a new name 
a francophonie sounding name 
to preserve the new local culture 
don't be so racist 
over a little English name 
no one will miss 
the name 
Bingham Square 
there's lots of English history 
the francophonies need their share 
it's for the good of the city 
that you be fair 
no said the family 
get out of our hair 
you and your francophonie vote 
we really don't care  
it's our family history 
for a hundred years 
everyone played  
Bingham Square 
we English Binghams 
 we gave to the English 
we gave to the French 
 we gave to the German 
we gave to the Jew      
we gave to the Black   
 we gave to the White   
we gave to the Round 
we gave to the Square 
we gave to all 

 you vile politicians 
both English and French 
you take from one 
give to the other 
you're too busy being vile 
to ever have  
to share and play fair 
like all those who played 
at English 
Bingham Square 

Keith O'Connor 
Aug 5   2001 
Ottawa Canada  


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