boom boom fear
a poem by   
keith  o'connor
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I in the 1960's, I scoffed at friends, fearing  the Russians would drop an atomic bomb on us.  I wrote this poem to show how fearless I was in my belief that a nuclear war would not happen. 


 boom boom fear 

there used to be 
 e n g l a n d 
before they dropped 
b-o-o-m   b-o-o-m 

and now 
there is 
 e n g l a n d 
a traveling into 
outer space 


will    with    their 
u  n  i  o  n   j  a  c  k 
implant upon some 
distant star 

a little bit of england 
from the planet earth 
boom boom 

keith o'connor 
ottawa, canada 1962 

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