the  chosen  ten
a poem by  
  keith  o'connor
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.I won't say what inspired this poem
the chosen ten 

in every primary school class 
 only ten students 
will be taught to pass 
with high marks 
they must be 
obedient ones 
never miss class ones 
 nicely dressed ones 
always say yes ones 
and hopefully 
the talented ones 
we will make sure 
only the chosen will pass 
we'll teach them more 
we'll mark them easy 
for the others 
we'll teach them less 
we'll mark them hard  
we will tell their parents 
if they call 
that they could do better 
if they tried 
at parent-teacher 
interview time 
remember to say  
for those who failed 
If Michael can do it  
I can't see why 
your child 
can't do it 
it's a shame really 
you must blame the kids 
you are the professional 
you should know 
never let the parents know 
their little child 
is not of the chosen ten 
and if they find out 
they will be so mad 
that they will look 
no one will listen 
to the parents 
the un-chosen 

Keith O'Connor 
Aug 1 2001 


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