I Believe
a poem by  
  keith  o'connor
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This poem explores some old forgotten beliefs in conjunction with some current beliefs, to highlight the dark side of belief that continues to cause war between people . Red symbolizes the aggressive "let's not question anything" believer and blue symbolizes the more rationally  based free thinker position: "let's question everything".
.I Believe 

I believe the world is flat  
 I believe the world is round 
I believe the sun 
revolves around the earth 
   I believe the earth 
   revolves around the sun 
I believe abortion 
kills little children 
before they are born 
   I believe abortion 
   kills old people 
   on their death bed 
I believe masturbation 
kills little children 
before they exist 
   I believe your parents 
   should have masturbated 

Keith O'Connor 
Ottawa Canada 
2001 aug 11 


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