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. A poem  about a jazz musician who plays the standup double base with such expression that the instrument and the musician become a form of jazz action art.
.Jordan O'Connor 

from rigidity and structure 
and rules of conformity 
to his double bass escapes 
it's taller than him 
and wider as well 
with hips that could bear 
a jazzman like him 
 he touches her strings 
gently at first 
waiting for her  
to purr  
and then 
he talks with his fingers 
giving life to her voice 
with his eyes looking up  
they start off their dance 
tap-tap  tap-tap   tap-tap-ta-tuh-tap 
they dance in a world 
 that only they know 
all doors they have closed  
  windows left wide 
 so their audience can slide 
into a world inside 
they watch his soul dance 
and hear the low voice 
that tells them 
their souls can merge 
merge in a state where all become one 
they watch  
watch  the speeding dance  
that sways to the right 
sways to the left 
  the faster the sway 
the faster the dance 
jazzman's  fingers they race 
at an auctioneer's pace 
along each string 
 on her black ebony  neck 
he stops 
drums on her chest 
as fast as he can 
his hands are a blur 
he puts head to her breast 
 to hear the low beat 
that he drums from his soul 
the audience wants in 
into his world 
just for a moment 
a moment will do 
jazzman gives them 
their moment 
or two 

Keith O'Connor 
July 20 2001 
Ottawa Canada 

Jordan O'Connor's "Cash Cow" jazz band,  played in Aylmer Quebec Canada on July, 19,  2001 starting at 7:00pm to 8:45pm. Thinking I wanted to write a poem about the experience I took some site notes which were used in writing this poem.  Jennifer Ryan: vocalist, Craig Harley: keyboard, Jesse Baird:  on drums. Jordan O'Connor: (jazzman) on bass. Many thanks to my wife Sharon O'Connor for being  my patient editor.
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