paint the figure
a poem by  
  keith  o'connor
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paint the figure: draws on my life class experience at the Ottawa School of Art in the fall of 2000. luca de marinis: instructor
. paint the figure  

one model per class 
male or female 
mix them up 
short - tall -  thin - wide 
heavy - slight 
all sizes of height  weight 
strip off clothes 
take a pose 
like this 
 an hour at a time 
art students stand 
 their easels at hand 
 canvases  primed 
brushes in hand  
scratching - scraping 
mixing - wiping 
the colour's not right  
mix  again 
pull out the shape 
with some intense colour 
- here
push in the shape  
with a little neutral colour 
- there
contrast  here 
harmonize  there 
flatten here 
bring it out there 
feel the form 
don't over do 
class is over 
clean up - put away 
come back  
another day 

Keith O'Connor 
July 2001 

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