London  Tube  Stop
a poem by   
keith  o'connor
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This is a short metaphorical poem about modern societies dependence on time:  being born on a schedule working to a schedule and dying to a schedule.  It uses the experience of waiting for a train in a London Underground Station as it's motif.   


London Tube Stop 

from deep within the large 
dark disquieting tube 
distant thundering 
of steel wheels  
on steel track 
mixing with wind  
and darkness: 
growing like an approaching tornado  
- burst - 
into the bright station lights 

screeching to a stop of silence 

 wall of doors 
brungbrungbrung  bang  

pushing  -  shoving  -  rushing 
shoving  -  rushing  -  pushing 
rushing  -  pushing  - shoving 
 wall of doors 
brungbrungbrung  bang 

 shrill whistle  
pierces the empty air 
steel wheels screech  
into thundering darkness  
then  -  still silence 
of the London tube 

keith o'connor 
London England  
June 1986 

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