mommy  knows  best
a poem by  
  keith  o'connor
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. After years of watching other parents and being a parent, who took a course in parenting.  I finally got tired of those parents and the news papers who report on the "parents know what is best for their child" and decided to write this poem about what I have seen some parents do the their children. If you think this poem expresses the normal way to raise a child then you and your child both need psychiatric treatment.
mommy knows best 

you can do it - if you try 
I tried to do it 
I can't do it 
try harder you can do it  
I tried  
I can't do it 
you don't want to do it  
I do want to do it 
if you really wanted to do it  -  you would do it  
mommy I can't do it 
if you loved me -  you would do it 
I love you mommy 
prove  you love me  -  do it 
mommy I can't do it 
then you don't love me 
I love you mommy 
if you don't love me -  I won't love you 
I love you mommy 
I love you 
how can you love me - if  you won't do it 
I tried to do it  mommy I tried to do it  
mommy don't  hate me   
mommy I'm   so  alone   
good - then -  maybe  you'll  do it 


Keith O'Connor 
aug   8   2001 
Ottawa Canada 


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