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Warning  ~  Warning : some of my poems express mature adult content 
and controversial themes 
A printed copy of my poems are available for $1.00 each U.S. special consideration will be given for educational usage: please contact me through email  
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Poet's Statement:  I use poetry to explore my feelings ideas and experiences, from my earliest infancy memories up through my youth on into adulthood where I question the society in which I live and the religion in which I was raised. Nothing is so sacred as not to be questioned.  
Dramatic  Poetry Books
     the legacy of: those we trusted six dramatic story poems from Canada's first hundred years of history
1)     vote me: the promise keeper  
2)     sunflower killer 
3)     book fishing (not available)
4)     london tube stop 
5)     illness 

6)     boom boom fear 
7)     my death 
8)     jazzman 
9)     the artist and the psychologist 
10)   the mnagers 

11)   silent stair rage 
12)   binary poem 
13)   the ballad of our Mr. Day 
4)     next time 
15)   paint the figure 

16)   my little toy truck  
17)   my front door 
18)   employee recognition award 
19)   all  is  vanity  
20)   million dollar saving  

21)   the chosen ten   
22)   my father's work 
23)   here comes the plough  
24)   Bingham  Square 
25)   our toddler 

26)   yes  I  do  promise 
27)   brown  nickle  1944 
28)   I  was  taught 
29)   mommy  knows  best 
30)   my eight dollar time machine 

31)   sunlit  rocks 
32)   mani's  way 
33)   I believe 
34)   I am not Me 
35)   secrets 

36)   Byward Market 1944  na
37)   self  at  war  
38)   we will believe together 
39)   cut government costs 
40)   I Killed My Poetry Machine  

41)   the word and the tree 
42)   presumed guilty 
43)   secret me 
44)   bureaucrats 
45)   doing god's work 

46)   the  return 
47)   changing the guard  (na)
48)   Kainet and  Karen 
49)      sept  11  2001 
             revised:  Jan  8  2001  
50)   bus-Nazi  

51)   got-to-pee    (na)
52)   squirrel  war    (na)
53)   kill that fly  
54)   my father's lesson  
55)   mens 

56)    white sweater 
57)    broken factory 
58)    chocolate milk 
59)    fire in the night  (na)
60)    other has gone 

61)    victoria  cross 
62)    July  1  1935 
63)    hammy  hamster 
64)    hotel  room  art 
65)    Louis  Riel  the  Metis  

66)    Eulogy to T.Darcy McGee 
67)    Duck  Lake  1888 
68)     Shaman Prophecy
69)     birdcage
70)     Broken Brothers

71)     Gun Registry
72)     Alison
73)     Soul Stealers
74)     the iron bed
87)     duchamp's urinal
88)     dead men don't talk
89)      who killed keith

living with others 
reflections on life 

general fear 
reflections on death 
watching my son 
reflections on art 
government bureaucrats 

government bureaucrats 
my father's wake 
art class 

childhood  memories 
childhood memories 
government bureaucrats 
memories of my grandmother 
government bureacrats 

primary school teaching 
childhood memories 
childhood memories 
my daughter 

religious promises 
childhood memories 
religion questioned 

Wilfrid Flood artist 
art humour 
religion questioned 
self identity 
the need to keep secrets 

childhood memory 
self identity 
religion questioned 
government bureaucrats 
on being a poet 

punishment and the law 
religion questioned 
government bureaucrats 
religion questioned 

family historical 
religion / death / children 
   memorial poem 
    revised:  Jan  8  2001 
comentary on bus service 

fun poem 
fun poem 
memories of my father 
fun poem 

making a decision 
reflections on death 
just blame others 
teaching the silence of fear 
reflections on life 

our nation's  dark side 
our nation's  dark side 
learning about hamsters 
observation on art 
the culture of trust 

assinated by fanatical Irish Fenians 
how to kill Indians 
eternal optimism
the  last challenge
family conflict

philosophical drama
self esteem and compromise
making facts fit beliefs
modern art
dying for a cause
killing the ones we love (not available for public viewing)


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