the return
a poem by  
  keith  o'connor
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This poem reflects my feelings at that momement in time, while walking down Penfield Drive on my way home, at mid-day - my impending retirement stopped being an abstract idea and became real. 
 the return  

clear transparent blue sky 
painted with tender touches 
of  soft blues - violets 
elusive tints from 
greyish blue to red violet 
magically appear and disappear 
as my eyes scan the sky 
it had not changed 
it was the same sky 
the sky of my childhood 
in my childhood memory 
I lay on the green grass 
feeling the coolness of the earth 
on my back 
looking up at the sky 
looking in wonderment 
at the colours 
the elusive ever changing 
delicate tints of colours 
memories merge 
in the sky above me 
the intervening years vanish 
it is the moment 
the moment my  
retirement becomes real 
the burden of working life 
the responsibilities 
the schedules 
float away 
leaving behind 
a carefree child 
was the world of doing 
I had returned 
to the world of being 

Keith  O'Connor 
Ottawa  Canada 
2001  aug  29 

This poem expresses two philosophical concepts: I think therefore I am and I feel therefore I am - the world of doing and the world of being  or  rational knowledge contrasted against poetical knowledge.
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