secret  me
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  keith  o'connor
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This poem deals with the idea that to believe in the christian catholic god is in essence to give your self into the hands of neurotic predatory priests, interested only in power and control over other human beings.
secret me 

There is a secret me 
that my mother doesn't know 
that my father doesn't know 
that no one knows 
but me 
It knows everything about me 
this secret me 
a new religion has come to town 
they say their god knows everything 
and they say 
that your soul belongs to their god 
that there is no more secret you 
that their god knows all the secrets of the 
secret you 
all you have to do is believe 
believe that their god knows your secrets 
and believe  
that you must confess 
confess your secrets to their god's priests 
be sure to confess 
those secrets they list as sins 
sex is a sin 
you must tell them 
your sex secrets 
and ask the priests  for forgiveness 
and he will ask god 
to forgive you 
they have a new sin 
the thinking sin 
for example 
if you think of sex it's a sin 
you must tell the priests 
of your sexual thoughts 
and ask the priests for forgiveness 
forgiveness from god 
otherwise -  it's game over for you 
you will suffer great pain for eternity 
you will burn forever in the fire's of hell 
unless you believe 
I believe  
I believe in god  
I believe I am a sinner  
I will confess my secret thoughts  
openly to god's priests  
god has my soul  
don't burn me  
don' hurt me  
You must raise your children to believe 
believe god knows their secrets 
they must confess 
confess their thoughts 
confess to the priests 
to save their soul 
If your children do not believe 
then you will go to hell 
god loves you 
come pray with me  
you stupid ass 
why am I a stupid ass 

Keith O'Connor 
Ottawa  Canada 
2001   aug   25 


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