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.This poem shows the need to keep our thoughts secret otherwise we may hurt others  including ourselves. My father always said "he who lives in a glass house should not throw bricks". 

the weekly meeting 
in the conference room 
expensive walnut table 
surrounded with cheap chrome side chairs 
seating for thirty people 
our staff of five 
spread out into little isolated communities 
John was our most 
distinguished looking director 
greying hair -  pleasant face 
warm approachable smile 
always dressed in a light grey suit 
white shirt and red silk tie 
tied in the traditional  
balanced Windsor knot 
more difficult to tie 
than the popular half knot 

he had been caught drunk 
drunk out of his mind 
yelling - I love you - I love you 
as he  chased 
golden pussy 
round and round the couch 
in her apartment 
eventually he collapsed 
onto the floor 
falling into a deep sleep 
golden pussy had successfully 
remained untarnished that evening 
every one is here - we'll start  
John started with his usual 
we are not working hard enough 
he is having trouble justifying our existence 
to the chief executive officer 
I could see a slight smile on Will's face 
the corners of his lips were slightly curled upwards 
Will and I had long conversations 
during our noon walks 
down by the Rideau Falls 
he had a wife and five kids 
but discovered the only way 
he could get through 
these boring management meetings 
was to fantasize himself  fucking Monica 
on the conference room table  
I was sure that Will had already  
settled into his little imaginary fun world  
I wondered if he was considerate 
enough to provide Monica with a cushion 
 to protect that great ass of hers 
and himself with some knee pads 
that conference table was hard 
so was Will by now 
Mike sat on John's right 
He hung around with John 
they were kind of drinking buddies 
except when John had too much to drink 
his amorous advances 
towards any woman within reach 
always embarrassed  Mike 
nor did Mike like being attacked 
by angry males defending their woman 
which John seemed to be impervious of  
Mike was John's favorite 
ever since John sold him 
that  defective car 
Mike had felt cheated by John 
and  held secret revenge thoughts 
Mike threw his usual  
I hate you 
you little fucker look at Bob 
who sat opposite 
ever since Mike found out 
Bob had fucked his wife 
on a desk top up in the seventh floor storage room 
anyone but Bob he had yelled at his wife 
I bet she never told him 
about Bob's giant cock 
some of the girls who 
had seen it  talked about it 
it's gigantic 
I thought he would tear me apart 
they would say 
Mike's wife 
she was a smart woman 
but telling Mike about Bob 
Mike's reaction 
shocked her into womanhood 
the hard way 
her life 
his life 
their life  
now dominated 
by her emasculating secret disgrace 
it didn't matter that it happened 
before they were married 
Mike knew about Bob's famous cock 
she had been fucked by a whore master 
Mike - was an amateur - a baby 
when it came to erotic love 
I could see Bob's eyes pointing 
towards Monica's big tits 
she wore low cut dresses 
during these meetings 
she got some kind of perverse 
pleasure from having Bob 
stare at her tits 
then she would condemn him 
dirty filthy little man 
she had that complex 
some women have 
about attracting 
men and then condemning them 
after all 
any man who was attracted to rotten her 
must be more rotten than she 
his attraction to her 
only proved how filthy  rotten he was 
as an observer of my fellow humans 
her reaction would be interesting 
if suddenly she could see and hear  
Will's secret thoughts and visions 
as he  was sitting silently 
fantasizing about fucking her 
right there on the conference table 
I could imagine her going on 
about how she had thought 
so highly of him 
but he's proven himself to be 
just another dirty filthy minded man 
it was her duty 
to expose him to his 
unsuspecting wife 
I have come to understand why  
those who have secrets 
must keep secret 
their secret thoughts 
I don't relish the thought 
of having to find 
another dictator to work for 
I know how this one thinks 
John's voice suddenly 
took over my thoughts 
this has been another  
very successful  
and productive meeting  
I would like to thank you all  
for finding the time to attend  
it was his usual 
benevolent autocratic 
he tries to sound democratic  
we have no choice 
but attend 
most of us could tell 
by the tone in his voice 
that he was about 
to dismiss us 
with that indifferent tone of voice 
he uses  
to dismiss the street walker 
he sometimes  finds himself  
in bed with 
 the morning after a wild drunk 
I resented him for dismissing us 
like street walkers 
Monica didn't care about his tone of voice 
she thought he was 
the most wonderful man 
he was 
like a father to her 
she had never 
 been around him 
when he was drinking 
it's then 
when he tries 
to turn Will's secret phantasies 
into his reality 
same place - same time - next month  
this meeting is now adjourned  

Keith  O'Connor  
Ottawa  Canada  
aug  18  2001  

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