stair  rage 
a poem by  
  keith  o'connor
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This poem uses an encounter on a public stairs to  illustrate the stress generated anger that results when we believe that other people should be following the same rules of behavior that we ourselves follow. 
stair rage 

I stepped down 
the down side of the stairs  
 he stepped up 
my down side of the stairs 
it's my side 
he's coming up  
my side 
wish he'd trip 
the ignorant bastard 
his mother didn't teach him 
the rules 
stupid parents 
he deserves to trip 
excuse me he'll say 
I'm sorry he'll say 
 I'll have to move over 
for him to get by 
why should I have to move over 
who does he think he is 
It's my side of the stairs 
I don't see why 
 he can't go up his own side of the stairs 
I stay on my side 
why can't he stay on his side 
he thinks he own's the world 
I'll just puff myself up 
make it hard for him to get by 
if I had a coffee 
I could make him bump me 
then I'd spill the coffee on him 
make it his fault 
I would apologize 
we'd both know that he was wrong 
that would teach him 
to stay on his own side of the stairs 

Keith O'Connor 
July 20 2001 
Ottawa Canada 

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