sunlit  rocks
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Sunlit Rocks, is based on a painting by Wilfrid Flood (1904 - 1946). Many of Mr. Flood's paintings are on display at
 Sunlit Rocks 

spring sun-rays  
slice through  
chilled winter air  
little mists of moisture  
rise from dark passages  
of trickling cold water  
flowing round  
islands of white snow that  
glow with yellow and orange tints  
painted over the cold  
blues and violets  
of winter  
it's spring  
a time when the Ottawa sun  
casts off it's winter hardness  
taking on a soft touch  
that reminded him  
of home in England  
where the grey English landscape  
touched with warm fingers of soft-sun  
felt comforting on his skin  
Wilfrid had found his subject  
unfolded his small chair  
placed it firmly on a snow-free  rock  
set up his water colour board  
opened his paint box  
selected a pallette of  
spring and winter colours  
he wanted to paint his feeling  
that warm peaceful feeling  
from deep down inside  
that comes out when  
he looks deeply into nature  
and talks to her in shapes and colours  
he worked quickly under  
the changing light  
didn't mind the slight chill  
that stiffened his hands  
he finished his painting  
waited for it to dry 
water colour  
takes longer to dry in the chilled air  
looking at his painting  
looking at the melting snow  
until it was time to go  
he packed up his equipment  
his painting in hand  
took one last look  
said a silent good by  
to the rocks and melting snow  
that he had gotten to know  
walked back towards his car  

Keith O'Connor  
aug   9   2001  
Ottawa Canada 

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