our  toddler
a poem by  
  keith  o'connor
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.A poem about our daughter at the toddler stage. I lost the original poem written when she was a toddler and was recently asked to compose another.
. our  toddler 

dressed in 
fine pampers 
a real toddler she is 
on tiny hands and tiny knees 
with a tilt to her head 
a little twinkle in her eye  
a mischievous smile 
she turns to the right 
legs and hands move in a blur 
gallops to the cupboard 
with all of her speed 
grabs for the door 
pulls it away 
her eyes light up 
her face lights up 
her smile lights up 
her mouth opens up 
in a very wide grin 
with giggles and chuckles 
drools down her chin 
pots and pans 
many there are 
some bang to the floor 
one she wears 
upon her head 
sits in another 
drools on them all 
with spoon in hand 
she dents a poor pot 
whacks at a pan 
gives a little shudder 
she filled up her pamper 
her mom picks her up 
as her smell hit the air 
swings her up high 
off with her pamper 
 into the sink 
filled with warm  
soapy water 
to wash off the stink 

Keith O'Connor 
aug 6   2001 
Ottawa Canada 


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