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the promise  keeper
dramatic story poem by  keith  o'connor
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. This poem explores the relationship between, (a) government cost cutting  that became a form of religion; blinding it's followers; causing deaths, and, (b) the sanctity of government by election promises.  Unfortunatly,  the actions of the Harris government of Ontario, as reported  in the media,  provided the material in this poem.  
this dramatic story poem is no. seven in a series of seven 
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Vote Me 
Promise Keeper 
I kept my promises 
I cut taxes 
I gave each of you  
two-hundred dollars 
nobody told me 
our business plans 
our deregulation 
our less government  
that saved tax dollars 
would kill people 
I accept responsibility 
for keeping our promises 
I am accountable to you 
for keeping your promises 
the buck stops with me 
It's not my fault 
It's your fault 
You voted me  
to keep your promises 
I couldn't change your promises 
You wouldn't let me 
You did it 
You killed them 
death by poisoned water 
death by sleeping truckers 
death by hospital waiting 
death by air pollution  
you didn't know 
I didn't know 
we didn't know 
we really don't 
kill people 
you and I 

I know you're 
g o o d   p e r s o n  
vote me 
promise keeper 

 keith o'connor 
June 2001 
 Ottawa Canada 

this dramatic story poem is no. seven in a series of seven  
Drama 7of 7 previous
source: television; radio, ottawa citizen reports of the period 
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