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The Jeff Hobrath Art Studio Web Award
Presented to:  Keith O'Connor 
"For excellence in web presence"
Graphic design - Your site is  eye pleasing, and a joy to browse around in? 
Content - Your site is  a learning experience, a positive influence,  and a great contrabution to the web. 
Artistic flare - Your site has artistic flow and well worth the extra loading time? 
Originality - Your site  stands out as one of a kind? 
Hi Keith: 
Your art and site wins our award hands down.
Keith your website has given us much pleasure during the evaluation process and we were impressed with the standard of quality you provided for viewing.  We are fully aware that much time and effort went into the creation of your website and we hope that you view this Award as a reflection of your achievement. 
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Keith your site is well designed; easy to navagate and  demonstraits excellence in original artistic content related to the academic areas of : philosophy,   psychology,   history and   metaphysics.
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I am not always impressed with the work of people who say they are artists. So I found your site to be a wonderful relief!!  I especially loved the sculptures --though all your art is very expressive, emotional, and even archetypal, your sculptures seem to be especially so.  

Keith, I am pleased to tell you that your site does indeed qualify for my "Higher Mind Award"!

oricle award(Link not operational)
  ...your images are definitely   fraught with  psychological 
 tension, aesthetic beauty,   and   (not to sound too corny) 
 a sense of human  "poignancy."  I can truly say that both 
 your visual art,  as well as your  ability to express yourself 
 "with the  pen" is just wonderful.... 
  Keith, in recognition of your work, I have attached the 
 "oracle award."
CMaward-link not operational
 Congratulations!!...Keith, your site definitely qualifies 
 for the "Critical Mass Award". A very nice  
 site, excellent design, clever original graphics, great 
 artwork,  and your content  is informative, 
 entertaining,  presented well;  easy to access. 
 A worthy  enterprise and  a positive  contribution to 
 the Web. 
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Keith, I had a great visit  to your website. I loved your drawings. Being an "artist" myself, I love to look at others artwork, displayed with  pride and confidence. I am extremely proud to present you with the Great Canadian Site Award
some of these award links no longer work so I have removed them (keith 2002-02)
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