2015  Labour Day: Kirk and Sharon BBQ
The Great Canadian Chipmunk Adventure
Family Photography by: keith o'connor  @75

Our Host:  knows better than to laugh at his wife's choices.

Kirk with his metal Fireman's poster
from his Maternal Aunt and Uncle
for his man cave
the hanging of which it seems
 is conditional upon cleaning up his man cave
 before the hanging

Our Hostess:  never makes bad choices, just unique ones.

The Great Canadian Chipmunk Adventure

When Sharon and I  first arrived, Sandy was BBQing her special hamburg and Adam was looking for food. Adam said, "Eight people are in the basement, trying to gently catch a tiny high speed chipmunk that got in somehow".  It ook eight grown adults,  two hours but in the end the tiny chipmunk  cournerd itself in the hollow arm of the couch.

Naturally there was a victory parade led by the blanket pouched chipmunk gently carried up from the basement man-cave followed by cheers and stories of this wily chipmunks ability to dodge, twist, jump, run, vanish  and  final capture. The parade ended at the open back door and with great fanfare the chipmunk was released into the wild suburban back yard garden and with blurring speed vanished among the flowers. The merry hunters returned to their BBQ party in good spirits.

The only photo: (Photo by Amanda), of the Great Canadian Chipmunk Adventure as it was about to end with the chipmunks release.

Kirk, later mentioned to me that I should have come down and used my camera to video  the fun time adventure. I unfortunatly didn't think of doing that and  missed an interesting fun opportunity.


 My photos are computer adjusted, (a modern replacement for the old dark-room), and many are discarded because they cannot be composed into the emotive aspects I am looking for. If your picture is not included it is because I could not capture the proper pictorial view point and or  effect.

Adam and son Hunter.
I didn't wait for him to smile for fear of losing his fun look.

Hunter and Mother
definitely a good head shot of Jessica

Hunter and his Great Aunt Sandy

Hunter and his Great Aunt Sandy interacting.

We played a late Christmas fun gift game
happly selected this large gift bag
inside was hiding
  this anonymous fun gift.

Acording to game rules
one of the follolwing gift openers
 may claim your gift and Sandy
had to surrender her large gift to Adam
who now wears
the grin of victory

Note: no subsequent gift opener  claimed it from him.

Photo of me by my Great Niece Jessica
taken with her phone camera

using my fun Christmas gift to play
with my feminine side
don't think I make
a very exotic looking dancer
maybe fifty years ago
the look would have been different
then again
maybe not

Playing with my exotic dancer gift
 (actually dishcloths lovingly wraped by my Niece Sandy)
 was short lived
 as Jessica,  requested that I surrender my gift to her.
I shed a tear
or two
but as you can see I surrendered them to her.

She doesn't look as scary in my photo of her
 as I appear to look in her photo of me

 all is forgiven

Eventually I will become acquainted with this person and learn his name, meanwhile
it was a good pictorial shot so I included it.

Eventually I will become acquainted with this person  and learn her name, meanwhile it was not a bad shot.
 I included this photo because of her smile quality.


I think this is Kirk's son Stephen which would make me his Great Uncle.
It is not of great pictorial quality but it is included.

Interesting photo:  It brings out  the balanced emotive dynamic between Hunter and his Uncle Jake.
This is the type of interaction photo I like to compose with.

Jessica and her Great Aunt Sharon
interrupting their conversation for my camera.
This is another interaction type shot that I like to work with.

  The viewer of this image becomes the invisible third person
and is both observer-viewer and observer-viewed.
Jessica is percieved as looking directly at / into the viewer.
An interesting emotive dynamic is generated by the stretched pictorial field.

Jessica takes very easly to the camera making her great to work with.
Her husband Adam is also easy to work with.

This is the happy picture I will end with.

All thanks to Kirk and Sharon (AKA shorty)
for a fun time.

Spot photos taken with Lumix Bridge Camera and processed using
Graphical Interface Manipulation program (GIMP)
on Linix Operating System