Three Sisters BBQ
      Sept  26  2015
      Family Photography by: keith o'connor  @76

Three Sisters
Ruth   Maryanne   Christine





Lenny: working in the background

I am not the only family photography buff working the group:

close up shot of:__________

I like to narrow and elongate group shots focusing on interactions.

Interesting expressions but don't know their names

Sharon and Shelly smiling for my camera

Don't know their names

Kirk(closed eye blink) and Christine in conversation


Don't know their names

___ and Maryanne in conversation

______ and Ruth in conversation

Alley and Christine in conversaton

Meg in a fun pose for my camera

  Don't remember his name

Meg in a nice smiling shot

Stomach on four legs
meets stomach on two legs

A reminder that stomach rules our lives.
Don't know her name.

Shelly relaxing but she sees me:  (peek-a-boo)

Maryanne and _______

Don't know her name but,
she kindly offered to take my picture, with my camera,
so I would show up in my photographs as being here.

This is the photo she took of
 me (Keith) and Maryanne

and many thanks to Christine
for a wonderful time

Spot photos taken with Lumix Bridge Camera and processed using
Graphical Interface Manipulation program (GIMP)
on Linix Operating System