2015 : CANADA DAY :
 with Sharon & Kirk
Family Photography by: keith o'connor  @75

all smiles  for  canada day

note:  picture above is not of Sharon and Kirk
have no picture of Sharon and Kirk together
maybe next time

   Graham Kome-Pond  &  Megan OConnor  (Kirk's cousin)
being playfull

   Graham Kome-Pond  &  Megan OConnor  (Kirk's cousin)
being more  normal
at the request of her mother


always something to be done:
(Sharon without Kirk)

Debbie trying to put an old irish:  'be-gone' curse on me!
(uncle keith - who used to baby-sit her)

(L-to-R)  ( Sharon OConnor - Kirk's Aunt),  Debbie,  Sandy

Jake is not going to put a curse on me: (his great uncle)
as he smiles for my camera

two sisters
giving me their best smiles

another great smile

  being  playfull

it's  sleepy time
Sharon is taking your picture

(Kirk without his Sharon)
where did I put the hamburgs?

so this is the basement - computer game time

the fire axe
hanging above the couch
Kirk & Sharon married june  26  2010

back upstairs
 (L-to-R)  Sandy, ? , ?, ?, ?

(L-to-R) Sandy, (Kirk's Aunt: Sharon OConnor),   ?

(Sharon without Kirk)
break time

the dam picture is somewhere  in this phone

Kirk's  annual Canada Day fireworks
tabular arrangemet
before electronic ignition control wiring added

(L-to-R)  ?,  Jake,  Kirk,  ?

Kirk  has ignition
last picture

should have kept my camera on

as there were some dramatically memorable moments

Many thanks to Sharon and Kirk
for a fun time.

Spot photos taken with Lumix Bridge Camera and processed using
Graphical Interface Manipulation program (GIMP)
on Linix Operating System