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Perhaps you recognize the names of Vitaly Komar and Alex Elamid. These two artist/scientists applied the principles of market research  to tastes in art in 14 countries and came up with some surprising    conclusions. Pretty much every culture surveyed values a blue-dominated landscape featuring animals and authority figures.

Similarly, most find abstract paintings, particularly   angular  geometric  patterns, most distasteful. Admittedly, the bias of the two      artists  plays  a huge role in depicting each country's most wanted and least wanted  paintings, but the survey results themselves offer equally compelling  evidence for the central point: that basically, we're all alike. Except for  the Dutch, apparently. What's up with that?
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This looks like an interesting site I must find the time to check it out. 
I need some humour so here is my link to Jerry King 
Jerry King Cartoons
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Robert Genn's Twice Weekly Letter
Insight and inspiration for your artistic career.

February 2, 2001

Dear keith,

It seems that some artists never have flat spots--others are telling us
they are more in them than out of them. You may have noticed
that the art-mind is a totality--it's not just a muscle that paints or
sculpts or writes--it has to be managed. Our emotions, our biorhythms,
our moods and our habits all come into play. Here's a bundle of perhaps
trivial but specific ideas--variations of which continue to work for many

Grab a color you haven't used for a while. Crank up the Wagner. Turn on
the studio fan. Take hold of the tools of your trade. Do the opposite of
what you did before. Have a tumbler of 1989 Cru. Run outside quickly. Run
inside quickly. Make a mess. Tidy up. Do several things at once. Take a
bike ride, walk, shower, bath or a swim. Quote the great ones. Journal.
Strategize, then work your plan. Trigger memories from when things weren't
so flat. Make juice. Make a colored mind-map.
 Laugh out loud. Live in the paint. Share yourself
around. Make love with life.

Did you notice that none of the above contained the word "don't?" Don't
is a word that kills art. When you don't hear don't there are fewer flat

Best regards,

PS "Work like you don't need the money,
Love like you've never been hurt,
And dance like no one is watching." (Came in an email for the twentieth
time while I'm writing this letter. Someone is telling me I have to use
it right here.)

PPS "Work to perfect the mind. There is no certitude but in what the mind
conceives." (Georges Braque)

Esoterica: Need a book? "Thinkertoys," by Michael Michalko. "Broken Crayons,"
by Robert Alan Black. "101 Creative Problem Solving Techniques," by James
Higgins. "Experiences in Visual Thinking," by Robert McKim.