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My readers tell me,  I am a very easy,  informative, and entertaining writer to read, but, in  1967 a  university, literary  educator,  having  reviewed one of my short stories, declaired it to be, the most arrogant piece of writing, that he had ever read, in his entire life. I thanked him,  and never wrote another short story, for nearly thirty five years. 
my teeth and                            11kb 
Dr. Frankenstein 
childhood memories  
late 1950's  

This may not have been the best dentist to have as my first dentist - of course I was a teenager at the time, but none the less.

don't touch the violin                9kb 
childhood memories  
late 1940's  

As a kid you always do something your not supposed to do. Sometimes you get away with it  
sometimes you don't and sometimes you never forget even if you do get away with it.

childhood memories  
my  creative  brothers 
episode (1): 
teenage boat builders         9kb 

My two older teenage brothers decide to make a boat during their summer holidays. I should mention that my two older brothers, when left to their own devices, which was often,  behaved  much like a pair of Siamese cats. 

childhood memories  
late 1940's  

  a lesson in defensive  lying      12kb 

This short story describes my grade two experience of being beaten with a strap, by the school principle, as a lesson, for not going to church on Sunday. 

childhood memories  
my  creative  brothers 

episode (2): 
the leg fell off the table          11kb 

My two older teenage brothers,  (the Siamese cats),  decide that they would like to know if a fully set,  four legged dinner table, would still  stand up, if one of the legs were removed. 


childhood memories 
great grandfather and grandfather 1880's 
young red coats                             12kb 

My grandfather and his brother decide in their late teens to join her Majesty Queen Victoria's, British  Colonial Auxiliary Force.  They assumed that  their Ireland born father, would shower them with much deserved pride. 

My grandfather has to deal with his old country experiences and his children's new country differences.

childhood memories 
great grandparent 
 jan 6-7 1839 

the irish wind of 1839                 9kb 

Thanks to my older brother,  John O'Connor's notes,  I was able to weave this story of my paternal great grandmother's close encounter with death.  So close, as to cause me  wonder and speculation,  with regard to the luck of my existance.

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