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NEW YORK City:  2013:

Keith and Sharon


Sept 27  to  Oct 11 (Two Weeks)   We walked 190 Kilometers  of New York Streets

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View from our imaginary helicopter ride.

From boat tour under the Brooklyn Bridge

The ever popular Uncle Sam Mannequin

Shoreline view

Broadway Street Scene

New York Building Reflections

New York Street Vendor waiting for a customer

Model houses in local corner park

Empire State Building in background

Focused New York Shopper ignores Happy Hour

SEXSTAZA:    Super Sale

See something interesting?

He was looking into this window... great Art Nouveau Doors

United Nations Building in foreground

Missing Street Vendor 

Shoreline with tall Art Deco-topped Chrysler Building

             New York Style 2013 / 2014

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"Midnight cowboy in New York"

     New York Art Deco 

Sharon photographing hotel room

  31st West between 5th and 6th from our Hotel room back Window

Outside our Hotel (NYMA) on Korea Town Day

Sharon and Construction on Broadway

Interesting...  No protesters in sight...

Sharon with Central Park Map

  One corner of New York's  Central Park

Another corner of New York's Central Park

Sharon Central Park: Strawberry Fields

Sharon Central Park Strawberry Fields

Alice in Central Park

  Empire State Building: tourist-photo of Keith and Sharon

Art Deco Chrylser Building from Empire State Building

Looking down from Empire State Building

  High Flier Black Bird:  1250 ft.: 381 m: 86 floors: above street

Sharon and Keith with Black Bird

Looking down again...

Wall Street Stock Market Bull

Radio City Music Hall

Sharon and Keith with malnourished Rockette

Radio City Stage

Empire State Building from Brooklyn Bridge

Sharon posing Brooklyn Bridge: Keith: photographer

Working Man with: "O'Casey's" sign

Honest Man with: "Weed" Sign

  West 42nd St. Foxwoods Theatre:  New York

Ed Sullivan Theater

"I'm tired; it's been a long life"
Looking for customers

Big Cat is watching YOU !!! 

"We are instant winners !!!"

Instant Winners !  Welcome...

Art Work  at MoMA

Sharon Looking at Primitive Art in MeMA

Tudor style building

                                       Sharon at MoMA

Keith stuck me in between these two at MoMA

Foam Walled Room in MoMA

Help !...I have been trapped since 1929 in my photograph in MoMA

                                        New York on two wheels ?

Megan recommended we try world renowned
 Chef Thomas Keller's  Pastry


                                          What to have for supper ?                                        

Freedom Tower and Ground Zero   9/11

In Memory...

In Memory of a Canadian...

        Flag listing the names of those who perished at Ground Zero 9 / 11   

Flat Iron Triangular Shaped Building

Sharon and Keith in City Hall Park

A fabulous Broadway Production for our first experience.

Surprise!  Surprise! Tims in New York

Rubik's Cube Parking in New York

Keith on High Line elevated walk: Sharon photographer

Another bakery recommendation from Megan

Sharon at Dakota Apts.

Dakota  Appartments

Carnegie Hall Tour

Sample of Carnegie Hall  Performers

Giant Bronze Mosquito: American Museum of Natural History

Home: Toronto Island International Airport (Porter)