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Topic Last up date
My Correspondence
      Questions and Answers on Art apr   20  2001
      Theoretical  Correspondence
Overview feb   2  2000
     definition of art 
     Plato's definition of art
     genetic influence over  art
     societies influence over art
     the erotic and art
     the role of aesthetics in art june 24  2000
Art / Composition jan   20   2000
     creation of anamistic elements
     creation of unified  patterns
Drawing Theory jan  16    2000
     objective of this section
     concepts of drawing
     ways of seeing
Colour  Theory for artists only feb   9   2000
     what is colour theory?
     who need's colour theory?
     why do we mix colours?
     balancing the palette
     harmonious groupings of colours
     chromatic colour theory
     tonal colour theory
     study of transparency effects
Mood  /  Humanity
     controlled mood
Skill in Art
     skill defined
     skill and it's relationship to art
The end of Art march  22  2001
     where do we think art began?
Select Bibliography  /  links feb  4  2000
     art book references
     links which may be of interest