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vol  II     issue no. 4   Apr  May 2002
What People Want to See
In Pictures

World Survey Results
by:  Vitaly Komar & Alex Elamid

poem: "sunlit rocks"

vol  II     issue no. 3   Mar  2002 
Breaking Into The Art World 
by:  Nik Maack 

poem:  "the artist and the psychologist" 

vol  II     issue no. 2    Feb  2002 

Life Class  1752  style 
Dramatic Poem Book   
     "the legacy of those we trust"   

vol  II     issue no. 1    Jan  2002 
    Two Aspects of Art  
        Wilfrid Flood: on advice to artists  

      Poem:  " here comes the plough " 

vol  I     issue no. 1    Nov  / Dec 2001  
Selling Artwork Through Galleries  

Memorial Poem: " sept 11 2001 " 

the breath records
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