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style in painting
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The Role of Style in Painting
all art is art or is it? To be a creative artist is to understand the language of art such that you can shape it to express your feelings through artistic thoughts.
New Introduction Overview of Classical and Baroque Styles
1 - Linier to Painterly Movement
(includes introduction)
from individual object focus to group focus (Jan 13th 2004)
2 - Plane to Recessional Depth the location of object forms in picture depth (Jan 20th 2004)
3 - Closed to Virtual Space the role of virtual space in painting
(jan 27th 2004)
4 - Multiplicity to Subordination

the role of hierarchy in composition
(Feb 3nd 2004) and (Feb 10th 2004)
much of this is now in the new introducton: will rewrite in the future.

5 - Clarity to Relational Vision (Feb 17th 2004) and (Feb 24th 2004)
6 - In Class Review of Assignments Exercises using style concepts
.......................................................... .....No Class Mar 16.....
7 - In Class Summary and Applications (Mar 23 2004) and (Mar 30th 2004)
The Role of Organization / Harmony in Painting (being developed)
Materials and Style  
Format / Subdivision of the Field  
The Role of Technique    (being developed)
Linear Phrasing  
Supplementary Graphics Representing a Variety of Styles
Graphic Storage Area One a selection of art works for stylististic study

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